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The Ranch Concept Plans

Common Elements in All Concepts

*[Number corresponds with numbered item on legend, three numbers denote difference between concept 1, concept 2 and concept 3 respectively. For instance, the observation tower is legend item 12 on concept one, 14 on concept 2 and 14 on concept 3, hence is referenced as (Legend 14/2/14). If each plan references the element with the same marker, no second number will appear, i.e. (Legend 1)].

A new main entrance (Legend 8) off Jones Road will create access to both passive and active sides of the park. A secondary entrance off Jones Road will lead to an updated wedding venue (Legend 11/12/12) and the new amphitheater (Legend 10/11/11). This area will include a new ticketing building (Legend 13/9/9), concessions area (Legend 19/24/18), restroom facility (Legend 13/9/9) and 160 parking spots (Legend 1). There will be park access off S. Zuni Road that will connect to the west side of the site and will include 30 parking spots. Two more entrances, one on Tanis Avenue and one off of Batton Road aligned with Iron Brand Road, will provide access to the active side of the park while disbursing traffic. To accommodate large events, the main gateway features controlled-access roundabouts (Legend 22/27/21) with removable bollards that will allow for road closures during special events. A new observation tower (Legend 12/14/14) will be located centrally within the site and will connect to a canopy walk (Legend 3). The canopy walk provides a pedestrian connection from the eastern to the western end of the site, running from the lake’s shore to the playground area (Legend 15/16/16).

The west side of the park will have many passive activities which will include:

  • Trails

  • 10 Picnic Shelters

  • Boardwalks (Legend 2)

  • Tent camping Area (Legend 5)

  • 5K route

  • Kayak launch (Legend 18/23/17)

  • Beachfront (Legend 4)

The east side of the park will offer a wide array of active recreational opportunities.

  • Accessible Playgrounds(Legend 15/16/16) with restroom (Legend 21/26/20)

  • Pickle-ball courts (Legend 14/22)

  • Baseball fields (Legend 16/18)

  • Multi-Use athletic fields (Legend 17)

  • Restroom building (Legend 20/25/19)

  • Overflow parking

  • Storage facility for the park (Legend 23/28/22)


Special consideration will be given to ensuring inclusivity and accessibility so that everyone can participate in recreational activities. 

Concept 1 - Click image below to review full concept!

Concept Differences in Concept 1 and 2

Concept 1 locates the Kayak launch alongside beach goers while concept 2 relocates to a dedicated area north of the beach front with its own parking and shelter for convenience.

Concept 2 includes additional amenities which include:

  • 2 Basketball courts (Legend 19)

  • 5 Sand Volleyball courts (Legend 21)

  • 8 Tennis courts (Legend 20)

  • Half mile fitness walk (Legend 13)

  • Staffed ropes course (Legend 15)


In concept 2 there are 30 additional parking spots near the Kayak launch area, 10 parking spots near the beach area, 40 additional parking spots near the half mile fitness walk and 45 additional parking spots in the main parking lot near the wedding and event area.

Total Parking in Concept 1 = 580

Total Parking in Concept 2 = 657

Concept 2 - Click image below to review full concept!

Concept Differences in Concept 2 and 3

Concept 3 uses the same layout as concept 2, but without the active elements. Everything on the west side of the playground (Legend 16) remains the same while everything on the east has been redesigned. 

Concept 3 removes active sports fields and relocates the staff building (Legend 19) and storage building (Legend 22) closer to the playground. New walking trails and picnic shelters replace sports fields and overflow parking area.

Total Parking in Concept 3 = 559

Concept 3 - Click image below to review full concept!

Public Workshop Opportunity...

A public workshop will take place October 14, 2023 from 10 am - 2 pm during the Ranch Fall Festival (click for more information). 

Presented below are three concept plans for The Ranch. The first two concepts are designed as an active/passive concept, while the third is designed as only passive. These plans are based on the initial round of public input and will help inform the final concept. These plans have been designed to give park goers both active and passive park experiences- with the goal of providing something for everyone! The details below can serve as a guide as you review each version of the plan. Please keep in mind that the implementation of the final plan will be phased over time. Commenting was closed 10/31 and the team is summarizing your input to move to the next steps in the project.

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